Rosamund McFadden BSc Hons RM IBCLC,
Lactation Consultant 

About Me


Hello and welcome to our website. I am Rosamund McFadden, but unless I am in trouble you can call me Ros. I have a diverse background of experience starting with an interest in art and ending with an interest in feeding babies! 


I was a fashion student, studying at the London College of Fashion in the late 1980’s. I moved to Milton Keynes in 1988 and worked in merchandising for fashion retailers before starting a family, with the birth of my eldest daughter Alicia.  I went on to have a son Oliver 18 months later and started working for Argos head office in catalogue production and eventually in supply chain and e-procurement.  Not the most logical employment route for a fashion student.  I had another child Elliot and found myself with 3 children under five, as the main wage earner in the family, working full time in a demanding job and then….. divorced, met the love of my life and had my fourth child D’Arcy.  It was when I was pregnant with my last child that I lost my job.  This motivated me to retrain and after achieving a first class honours degree in Midwifery at Northampton University I joined Milton Keynes Hospital as a registered midwife. 


I have been a registered midwife since 2009, working in the hospital and community settings, but since 2014 I have specialised in the area of breastfeeding, a long time passion of mine after breastfeeding all four of my children with varying success.

In 2014 I qualified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and was promoted into the role of Infant Feeding Lead Midwife at Milton Keynes University hospital in 2016. I took on the project lead role for the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative and became a qualified tongue tie practitioner after training with the University Hospital Southampton NHS trust.


In 2015 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, an irony for a breastfeeding specialist.  I thank my role and knowledge for the fact that I spotted a change in my breast early, I only had Stage 1 disease and that is why I am here today. This was the catalyst for the life changing decision to follow my dream of starting a business to find solutions to support breastfeeding mothers, their families and support businesses who employ these women or their partners to understand their responsibilities and the parents’ needs. 


As my Linked in profile states, I am an advocate for women and babies’ health, with entrepreneurial tendencies in the world of lactation.  So in a nutshell I am a fashionista, lover of art, with a variable history in the retail business, a senior health professional and a proud Mum of four wonderful children.


What do her clients say?

"I just wanted to thank you for welcoming me today. I'm still a few weeks off my due date but this so reassuring to know there are places like the Breastfeeding Hub that can support us new mums. ...."

Having a 121 lactation consultation with Ros was the best thing I have done so far on my breastfeeding journey! I found Ros through a panicked google search at 2am on day 3 with my newborn son; we had both been up all night crying and I was desperate for help. After a birth that didn't go at all to plan I was also faced with a newborn who was struggling to latch properly and cracked and bleeding nipples because of the feeding. Every time my son latched I would cry, and the midwives in the hospital just said that feeding shouldn't be painful which left me feeling like I was doing something wrong.

Ros came out later on that same day for a home visit and as soon as she walked in I felt like a weight had been lifted. Ros was full of knowledge, understanding, compassion and support and after a couple of hours of looking at what was going on both with me, my son and the feeding I felt like I had the knowledge and understanding to keep going with breastfeeding.

I've since been in contact with Ros via email and she has provided even more support and I have attended her Breastfeeding Cafe, which was incredible.

I have recommended Ros to all of my pregnant and new mum friends. She is a breast feeding fairy godmother and I am incredibly grateful to her for helping me keep going with breastfeeding. I'm not sure I could have kept going as strong as I have without her help and support.

"I am so overwhelmed by how friendly Ros is and how much she is willing to help! Thank you so much for all the advice and evaluation of the tongue tie for my little one! You are amazing!"

"I strongly recommend Ros. She is simply the best...the knowledge she has is incredible and priceless.

If you are an expecting mum or a new mum please come and join the Wednesday café and you'll see how good she is!

I contacted her when my little boy was only 4weeks and I am so glad I did breastfeeding

journey is now amazing and I love every single moments!"

"Discovering Breastfeeding Hub MK has meant so much to me. I am now breastfeeding my second baby after "giving up" on it with my first. It feels like the impossible has been made possible. For 5weeks we've been battling on against tongue tie, nipple pain, latch difficulties, supply and flow challenges. And because I got help I now know that all of this stuff is NORMAL and I feel ok to talk about it, and so proud that we didn't give up this time.
Me and my baby have climbed the seemingly unconquerable Boob Mountain together, and with support from Ros I'm now looking down, admiring the view! Thank you so much xx"

"Ros was great, giving me a thorough assessment but getting straight to the core of the problem and then solving it with straightforward advice. Seeing such a knowledgable, lovely person in the comfort of my own home helped me enormously and let me relax into feeding again".

"Ros is simply amazing. I had 2 visits before my son was 2 weeks old. Each time she was available at short notice and was friendly, supportive and most importantly knowledgeable. After 4 weeks of dealing with tongue tie, bronchilitis and colds and lots of pressure to formula feed I stopped my breastfeeding journey. However, a week later for lots of reasons I regretted my decision and wanted to get back to exclusively breast feeding. Once again I contacted Ros for help. I appreciated

her visit with no judgement and only a positive forward outlook. Her passion and enthusiasm for

what she does comes through at every meeting. My son is almost 6 weeks now and we are almost exclusively back on the breast. I'm delighted there is more to come on my breast feeding journey, in no small part thanks to Ros."

"I have found that doing the relaxation in the evenings after I've put the children to bed has helped me unwind and relax before bed.  The relaxation techniques, along with the positive affirmations,

have helped me achieve a more positive mindset,  albeit temporarily,  but have acted as a much

needed during particularly low periods."

"I thought breastfeeding was going well until my baby stopped gaining weight, so I got in touch with Ros after a few friends recommended her really highly. I can see why - she was just amazing! Ros was incredibly kind and seemed to know exactly how to help me with the problem (which she identified immediately and gave me a plan for moving forward), but also how to help me emotionally. You couldn't find a more caring person. When you're struggling and feeling emotional and vulnerable, Ros is exactly the kind of professional you need. After implementing the plan she drew up, my baby was putting on weight again almost immediately. I literally couldn't have done it without her and am so grateful. "

"This is the place to go if you’re like myself a first time breastfeeding mum!! I attended the launch of

the BF Café and i was very nervous, but Ros made me feel right at home. Comfortable sofas and a

warm friendly welcome to make you feel very relaxed about BF. Ros was able to show me a better position to help my LB latch which has been a struggle knowing if I’m doing it correct or not. Thank

you ros for all your help and advice."

"A desperate search for breastfeeding support in Milton Keynes led me to the Breastfeeding Hub and meeting Ros at the breastfeeding cafe. Ros has provided me with invaluable support and advice, both at home and in the cafe, which has meant that my 10 week old baby is still receiving breast milk, when I would have most probably given up trying to continue a long time ago.

Ros has created an open, welcoming and comfortable environment for mums to meet, feed, eat and share their bf journeys and advice, and I for one look forward to attending every week to meet with people who understand what I'm going through, whilst being waited on with drinks, biscuits (and fruit!).

The home visits have allowed me to discuss in detail the issues I've faced and my baby's tongue tie was quickly resolved in the most professional and caring way. 

For anyone struggling with bf, don't struggle alone, attend the cafe asap and u will get the support you need x Thank you Ros x"

"Ros has provided invaluable practical and emotional support during a very difficult breastfeeding journey and has consistently gone above and beyond for us. I have worked in Infant Feeding for a long time and I can honestly say her knowledge base and commitment are outstanding." 

"Ros helped us reach our EBF goals when we were initially having to bottle feed formula due to delayed milk supply, subsequent nipple confusion and a missed tongue tie! She really is so lovely,

just the kind of support you need in those early weeks! ❤"

"I got in touch with Ros after my son's tongue tie release did not improve the feeding problems I was experiencing (continuous feeding, frequently slipping off, choking on and dribbling milk, and lots of air swallowing). Even though she must be very busy, she said she could come the next day and came despite very heavy snow fall!


Ros knew what to suggest to immediately improve the position and length of attachment. She also suspected that the tongue tie had not been fully released and when she came for a follow-up a few days later, made an immediate referral for it to be revised.


Breastfeeding difficulties often feel like personal failures and that you aren't doing the best for your child, but Ros was able to rationally explain all the reasons for and potential solutions to what we were experiencing, even down to tiny quirks in my son's feeding behaviour (none of which were my fault!). The most confident I've felt feeding my son is when she was there reassuring me that I was doing well. She makes you feel like sorting your feeding problems are a priority to her. The feeding techniques she gave us have meant my son was able to keep putting on weight and maintained my milk supply, but the reassurance and encouragement has meant that, psychologically, I had the confidence and determination to keep breastfeeding my son, knowing it would improve. And it has!


Plus, my son loved her and she got all the smiles."