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The Breastfeeding Hub App:

Is a virtual breastfeeding supporter, available 24/7.  It provides breastfeeding support information with photos and video clips to help you along the way.


The app signposts to external websites and blogs that offer evidence-based information about breastfeeding/infant feeding. The information is consistent with the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative standards that the majority of maternity units and health visiting teams follow, to ensure you don’t get conflicting confusing advice.  This means it is useful for parents and professionals.


Users of the app use the interactive map to review venues and businesses as Breastfeeding Friendly, under four categories; Relax and Breastfeed, Eat and Breastfeed, Shop and Breastfeed and Work and Breastfeed.  So if you have found a place you to breastfeed please pin them to the map and write a reivew to help other Mums who are taking those early steps out and about breastfeeding.

Business Opportunities:

An annual sponsorship is available.  Where your logo will be displayed within the App, on all emails, letter footers and links will be added to our facebook pages. We cross promote at any events that you make available to share on your social media and there are opportunities for collaborations at events, in blogs and sharing promotional literature. 

For details in the options available please complete the contact form below.


Breastfeeding Support Services Opportunities:

NHS, Public Health and other voluntary or community based breastfeeding support services can be featured on the App and the interactive map by signing up to have their services featured.  The cost for the initial agreement is £600 with a £200 annual retainer (prices correct April 2020)

If you are interested please complete the contact form below.

Breastfeeding Hub is available on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices. Why don’t you download and have a go at reviewing a place to support other breastfeeding mothers?  Please also do review the app on the App Store or Google Play.

Luton and Bedfordshire #FreeToFeed Campaign Launches in July:

As part of the new initiative to include local NHS health organisation's breastfeeding support services to the Breastfeeding Hub App we have joined in the campaign #FreeToFeed.  You can now find not only all the Bedford Baby Brasseries on the App's interactive map but also all Luton's Flying Start Services that offer a trained breastfeeding supporter.

So download the App today and get sharing the #FreeToFeed

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