What is #KeepingMum?

Bespoke services for businesses to support the working mother from her pregnancy through to her return to work.  We will come in to your building, assess where is appropriate for the pregnant and breastfeeding employee to rest or express her breastmilk. We will train your line managers into how to have those awkward conversations around pregnancy and breastfeeding.  We will show you how you can strategise for family, reduce your staff turnover, sick leave, carer's leave and ultimately your gender pay gap.  We have a set of staff incentives that will make you known as that Family Friendly Employer that every millennial wants to work for.  

  • Staff incentive and discount package

  • MumPods for the pregnant or breastfeeding employee to rest or express her breastmilk

  • Maternity Leave Gifts Packs and Return to Work Gift Packs 

  • A policy service to audit or write your Maternity policy to include the  Breastfeeding employee

Keeping Working Mums

Pump or Rest

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