Private Lactation Consultation

The consultancy offers one to one private lactation support in your home or in my weekly clinic.


I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and am therefore certified to offer the highest level of lactation support. I am also a qualified Tongue Tie Practitioner and this will be an integral part of my private practice, offering assessment, diagnosis and Frenulotomy (tongue tie release). 


I am a member of the Lactation Consultants of Great Britain, the Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners and I am a registered midwife.

The private practice gives you a chance to have a one to one consultation with your baby/babies to resolve any breastfeeding issues or answer any questions you may have.  I am a qualified Tongue Tie Practitioner and this was an integral part of my private practice. Now however I am offering assessment and diagnosis but I no longer perform  frenulotomies (tongue tie releases) .

I use the ATLFF scoring tool, can assess sucking function and will consider other factors when assessing such as mode of delivering in utero positioning and medication during labour.  All these elements can affect the rooting and suckling reflexes.


Antenatal consultations will also be available to prepare to get breastfeeding off to a good start, considering any medical or physiological issues.  A counselling package of appointments are available for those who wish to unpick or understand previous breastfeeding issues; perhaps you thought you were unable to breastfeed, or wish you had breastfed for longer, or bottle fed but would like to know about breastfeeding.  Whatever your concern I will endeavour to help or signpost to further support.  I am also available to support any bottle feeding issues you may have.


Firstly, you can book a Skype consultation for 30 mins, giving you an opportunity to speak to a lactation consultant for a reasonable fee to help you unpick any problems.  This cannot replace a face to face meeting but can be helpful for reassurance or identification of any problems.  I may be able sort out your problem over Skype and can then sign post you to my Breastfeeding Drop-in group where I volunteer my services and there is small entrance fee of £5, or local voluntary breastfeeding support, other local breastfeeding groups, or you may choose a full consultation either in my clinic or for a premium in your own home.


* This is for a weekday between 9am – 5pm. Outside this the cost is £45 


This appointment is in the luxury of your own home. A full length one to one consultation to assess you and your baby, to include an assessment of your breasts and your baby’s mouth and feeding technique and effectiveness.  If necessary, this will include an assessment for tongue tie if this is suspected as a cause of any latch issues.  I use the Hazelbaker Assessment Tool for Lingual Frenulum Function™ (ATLFF). 


* This is for a weekday appt. Evenings/weekends and bank holidays are £140



This will be an appointment following your initial consultation to assess how a plan has gone.  Make changes where necessary, or just to give you support to continue with the techniques already shown.


* This is for a weekday appt. Evenings/weekends and bank holidays are £80


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If you would like to book a private consultation, I will email you back and ask for some more background information.

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