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Lactation Consultancy

I offer a range of free and paid consultations and services. These include one to one private lactation support face to face in your home or via a video call, generally using Zoom. The video session is recorded and sent with your notes after the consultation.  All equipment is thoroughly cleaned prior to a visit and I carry out a lateral flow test twice weekly on a Sunday and Wednesday. I wear a clear visor and you will be asked if an additional mask is required when you complete your booking form.

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and therefore certified to offer the highest level of lactation and infant feeding support. I was a trained tongue tie practitioner but no longer perform the procedure but am happy to assess, diagnose and refer you to a practitioner where appropriate. I ensure I keep up to date with the evidence and activity in this discipline but will not be retraining in the clinical procedure.


  • I am a member of the Lactation Consultants of Great Britain, the Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners and the Royal College of Midwives.

  • I am a registered midwife Pin: 09B575E renewal due May 2023

  • I am a certified IBCLC L-69117

  • My Professional and Public Indemnity and Medical insurance is with Hiscox N0. PL-PSC10001981380/00

  • I am a qualified Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner - trained at the Mindful Breastfeeding School

  • I qualified to teach the 3 Step Rewind process, a form of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) using deep relaxation and visualization techniques to help you reframe your feelings and move forward after a traumatic event such as Breastfeeding Grief, Birth Trauma, or if you are suffering from PTSD to name a few.

A private consultation will work with you and your baby/babies to establish what has been happening, what you would like support with and what you want to achieve. When you book you will be asked to complete a history form but we may explore further details during our consultation.

I use the ATLFF scoring tool, to assess baby's tongue function and appearance. I will consider other factors when assessing such as mode of delivery, in utero positioning and medication during labour.  


Antenatal consultations will also be available for whatever your needs may be regarding infant feeding and your mental preparation for the birth and beyond.  A counselling package of appointments are available for those who wish to unpick or understand previous breastfeeding issues; perhaps you thought you were unable to breastfeed, or wish you had breastfed for longer, or bottle fed but would like to know about breastfeeding.  Whatever your concern I will endeavour to help or signpost to further support.  

ONLINE TRIAGE: 15 mins- free

This is a brief conversation to establish the best form of consultation to meet your needs and your pocket. You will be sent a Zoom invite or if you prefer we can have a WhatsApp call.

BOOBIN' MAMA'S BOOBIN' CAFE -  (No Fee trial for May) 

A support group for pregnant or postnatal parents who would like support with infant feeding or just a chance to meet other Mums and socialise. 

You will need to book your place on either of the two sessions which are held at 9:30-10:30 or 10:45-11:45. Ideally the early sessions is for those parents who have to get out early for a school/pre school run and the later sessions more ideal for very new first time Mums. You are welcome to book on either if your wish.
There will be a maximum of 6 tickets available each week to ensure everyone has time to ask their questions and all to have a chat.
If the session is fully booked you can always book a 15 minute triage Zoom call with me.

Held at Showtime Circus, Bucks-Biz Business Park,

Unit A2, 10 First Avenue,

Denbigh Business Park,

Milton Keynes MK1 1DN

The entrance can be found on the roadside of the unit. For parking turn left after the building and the Car Park is at the bottom. There is a strict 2 hour min, but that is just enough for a Boobin' Cafe session and maybe a Circus Squidges class if you fancy it (Click logo to find out more)


I will visit you in your home. This is a thorough initial one to one consultation.

 I will follow hand hygiene measures and will wear appropriate PPE where necessary. I will look at your baby's behaviour and body posture and suckling function to establish where there may be restrictions. If necessary, this will include an assessment for tongue tie if this is suspected as a cause of any latch issues.  I use the Hazelbaker Assessment Tool for Lingual Frenulum Function™ (ATLFF). I will examine your breasts if necessary and watch how you handle baby. I will then give you suggestions to improve the issues, signpost to other professionals where required and will then write a plan.

It may be necessary to book further follow ups until the issue is resolving but we can discuss this at the appointment.


A follow up to your initial consultation to review the plan, make changes where necessary, or just to give you support to continue with the techniques already shown. 


A 1 hour Zoom or other video call option discussing your issues, with the same format as the face to face consultations expect the thorough examinations, but I am able to identify any possible issue and refer or plan accordingly. As above I will watch you you handle baby I may examine your breast s if necessary and I may ask in advance for some pictures of videos of baby. I will follow this up with an email outlining any information discussed and links to further support. A link to the recording of the call will be sent along with the notes and plan. If we feel a face to face is necessary after a video consultation we can book an hour Follow Up rather than the usual 2 hour session.