Making Work Work Podcast

I was interviewed back in July (2020) for Kris Thorne's podcast explaining how I got to do what I do and why.  So pleased to now have Kris as a fellow Associate of Queensbury Group


It was such a pleasure to meet the wonderful Victoria at the start of the year.  Not only is she beautiful on the outside she has a beautiful soul.  We talked about my journey into the breastfeeding world and how I support mums to reach their the goals. 

Arthur Ellis Mental Health Hour on MKFM

I was privileged to be asked to join Jon Manning on his mental health hour show with the amazing Farah Kariamburi.  We talked all things maternal mental health and it was an emotional yet fantastic interview.

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The Farah Kariamburi Show

Farah is an inspirational mum and entrepreneur who I met on the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator programme.  She and her husband Afro Ndiritu have taken to podcast like a ducks to water and are starting to top the charts! I am also honoured to say they are both Associates of the Breastfeeding Hub 

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