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A Geek Fest of all things breastfeeding

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) I just couldn’t help myself getting all excited about the thought of two days of geeking out, by meeting the Superstars and Academics of the wonderful world of breastfeeding at the Lactation Consultants of Great Britain (LCGB) Conference 2018. It took me back to Hertfordshire where I lived all my life, feelings of nostalgia as I drove the route I used when visiting my late parents, feeling emotional, but once in a room of friends, women and Oxytocin I was ready. Ready to hear about; how clever breastmilk is, down to the properties of each tiny molecule and how each mothers milk differs in so many ways, from place to place and feed to feed; the amazing and mind-blowing world of Epigenetics, where we discover we are not just about the DNA of our parents, but how our environment or experience, or that of our parents and grandparents change our DNA after birth by switching bits on and off; the importance of not triggering the inflammatory response in a newborn by ensuring they only get their mothers’ milk and not that of another species. All these subjects really float my boat and are the reason why I want to support mothers to understand breastfeeding and breastmilk and nurture and develop our future generations.

Taking the huge decision to leave a full time senior midwifery role in the NHS was a scary but necessary thing to do. I have had many a wobble over these last few weeks doubting my brave move, but after meeting with my dear IBCLC friends and meeting some of their friends, discussing all my plans and ideas I experienced a glass shimmering clarity; I am going to make a success of this because my ideas are good and I really can find solutions to help support families and change the concept of breastfeeding and the working mother….. and father

Those who follow me on Instagram will see photographic evidence of how excited we got to meet the Nancy Mohrbacher, author of too many titles to mention, but most famously known for her book Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple. Nancy has recently developed a package; Natural Breastfeeding to help professionals help our families and it is with great excitement I am able to add these to the antenatal course I am developing; ‘Keeping It Real’, which will covers the realities of breastfeeding, warts and all.

Then finally, who knew I would be asking to keep in touch with a renowned professor Prof. Simon Murch, because at the end of his speech about the biology and the research base of the benefits of breastmilk he mentioned how large businesses should work to become breastfeeding friendly which is one of the elements of the Breastfeeding Hub Ltd, I nearly jumped out if my seat. I explained my concept and he listened and agreed it would work and to keep in touch. Unbelievable. What a weekend. What a future. The concept of the Breastfeeding Hub Ltd has been validated by those I love, those I respect and those I idolise, so now the hard work begins and I can’t wait.

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