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June has been one of the most exciting months of my life, bar the birth of my four beautiful children of course, oh yes and marrying my husband. The beginning of the month saw the launch of the Breastfeeding Hub MK: Café where I volunteer my services and host a group for breastfeeding mums to seek support or just socialise with other mums. Now the month will be closing with the launch of the entire company Breastfeeding Hub Ltd. and all the services on offer. This will take the form of a small drinks reception for key business partners, pregnant mothers, breastfeeding mothers (they won’t be drinking!!) and parenting bloggers and local press.

The reception will be held at the Alternatives Clinic, where I hire a room every Monday to hold my Lactation Consultancy Clinic. It will be the perfect opportunity to launch Breastfeeding Hub Ltd. see the premises where I hold my Monday clinic and get an understanding of the complete package of services on offer.

To explain the services I am launching I need to first explain what my company Breastfeeding Hub Ltd. is about. It is an offering of a complete breastfeeding support package to help a mum navigate her way through the ups, the downs, the challenges and the achievements that come with this fundamental part of motherhood. Covering the needs of any mother no matter her income or requirements, who wishes to complete her breastfeeding journey to her best ability to enable her and her child to have the best health outcomes. The company strap line is Breastfeeding Hub – a hub for all your breastfeeding needs.

I am the only member of the Lactation Consultants of Great Britain and the Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners that is based in Milton Keynes. There are other breastfeeding counsellors, voluntary peer supporters and health professionals who are key in supporting mothers with their breastfeeding needs and I am seeking to add the missing link of expertise to all lactation support in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. I am proud to have achieved the highest accolade in the lactation support world, I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I am a registered midwife which has enabled me to train as a tongue tie practitioner to ensure I am able to offer a complete package of services to support breastfeeding.

There is a wide range of lactation consultancy services to fit everyone’s pocket from a free app on Apple or Android phones, to a community breastfeeding group run once a week for an small entrance fee of £5 with access to a Lactation Consultant and unlimited tea, coffee or cold drinks and snacks, Skype consultations, clinic lactation consultations and frenulotomy (tongue tie releases) and follow up appointments, right up to 2 hour lactation or frenulotomy appointments and 1 hour follow ups in the comfort of the mother’s own home.

I am going to offer courses that will educate parents before their little bundle of joy comes along with Keeping it Real – the realities of breastfeeding. Then equip parents and baby with how to get launched into this wonderful world of nourishing and nurturing with Help me Help my baby. A back to work course for working mums to plan their return to work and cope with the challenges this can bring; Back to Life Back to Reality Finally I will offer a course for Grandparents, or whoever are significant in the mum’s support network who want to understand what breastfeeding is all about. They may never have breastfed themselves or it was a long time ago and they want to understand the latest evidence and advice, and their role in how they can support mum and baby. People mean well when they say “back in my day we did ……. and it didn’t do us any harm”, or “I gave my babies formula and they are fine”, but in this course we can have open conversations about what they know and see what else we can learn in a supportive atmosphere with the breastfeeding mum and baby at the heart.

The company is also a place for employers or businesses to be able to support their breastfeeding customers, by becoming a Breastfeeding Friendly Business as reviewed by their users/employees on the Breastfeeding Hub MK App. My company will act as a hub for cross business promotion for those who share a target market, to generate new business and widen their customer base by taking the Business Link opportunity at the Breastfeeding Hub MK: café to have a stand and ½ hour to speak to mothers who attend.

Finally and very close to my heart is the Business Coaching and Back to Work packages where I will have bespoke services to support mothers when they take maternity leave to know their rights and prepare for life after baby and their return to work. It will include support and discussion with Dads who wish to share the parental leave but to continue to support their partners to continue to breastfeed their child. I can develop a package for businesses to support their female staff to return to work whilst still breastfeeding and understand the benefits of keeping female staff loyal, supported, happy and healthy to help the stability of their business.

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