• Ros McFadden

It’s a Baby Health Collaboration

When you have an idea you never know if you are barking up the wrong tree, but October 2017 brought a month of endorsements, validating my idea to develop an App that would act as a virtual breastfeeding supporter and a breastfeeding friendly trip advisor interactive map to support the breastfeeding mothers of Milton Keynes and beyond. I was nominated by the team that supported me to develop the Breastfeeding Hub MK App at the Our MK project for a Women’s Leader MK Award. I was delighted to become a finalist in three categories; voluntary services in the community, science and technology and services to public health. Then the lovely Tamsin Brewis from Water Babies® Beds and Bucks approached me about considering her as a potential sponsor. I was delighted to hear how she loved the App and how she wanted to promote it to all the families she meets. Tamsin and I both have a passion for supporting the development and health of babies, making the decision to partner Water Babies and easy one.

My drive to improve health outcomes of babies and in turn the future health of our society all stemmed from why I am so obsessed with supporting breastfeeding, my four children. They are potentially the parents of my future grandchildren and I want the best for them, for them to grow up the healthiest versions of themselves. I may have left the NHS but I love the NHS and I know that every mother that breastfeeds and every baby that is breastfed will reduce the pressure on our beloved NHS because of the numerous health benefits of breastfeeding to both mother and baby. Water Babies® ethos is to support parents to support their babies to improve their health, so when Tamsin approached there was no doubt in my mind that this would be a great collaboration. An early introduction to the water benefits the baby’s health and development and it is well know the benefit of skin to skin contact, a key component of nurturing and breastfeeding. Warm water relaxes the baby and stimulates their appetite and is said to improve their sleeping pattern. Pair that with the convenience of breastfeeding and release of melatonin a sleep inducing hormone present in breastmilk, you have the perfect collaboration for a healthy happy sleepy baby.

Tamsin and I are working on a joint project to produce a health booklet so watch this space and look out for us in the local press

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