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Back in 2017 the Breastfeeding Café MK had to close after a successful three years of offering specialist breastfeeding support to local mothers and babies. I was one of the co-founders and a lactation consultant and along with my breastfeeding counsellor colleagues we were able to offer a unique package of specialist support, not available at any other breastfeeding group in MK. We were funded by charitable donations, fundraising initiatives and grants, which eventually ran out.

When I decided to launch my new business Breastfeeding Hub Ltd. a key part of this was to be able to offer my support for free once a week to ensure I was truly offering a Hub for all a mother’s breastfeeding needs. It is now a year after on and I am very excited to announce the return of a Breastfeeding Support Group to the Kings Community Centre Wolverton; Breastfeeding Hub MK: Café.

This is a breastfeeding group run by a Lactation Consultant, Rosamund McFadden every week on a Wednesday between 10 and 12pm.

It will be an opportunity to get out of the house with your newborn or older baby to meet other mothers in a safe environment.

You may be anxious about that first trip out with baby, or need an expert to check your latch, discuss your breastfeeding problems or just get to meet other mums. The Breastfeeding Hub MK: Café is the ideal place to come for that support. The Café offers a comfortable sit down, hot or cold drinks, a biscuit or healthy snack, all for an entrance fee of £5.

You can pay on the door or book online via facebook event or website www.breastfeedinghubmk.co.uk

If you sign up to our new website there is a discount of 10% on this and all my services.

If you are in receipt of Universal Credit or Income Support entrance is free. Please email breastfeedinghubmk@gmail.com with proof of benefit.

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