• Ros McFadden

Redressing the Balance

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

You hear about how difficult breastfeeding is because those that weren’t supported or felt they had failed are motivated to speak. As soon as a celebrity has a baby and ends up bottle feeding or feels driven to go back to work they write about it - good money earner so why not. They had the celebrity status so then that is what mothers hear about, they get the slots on radio, they get the guest appearances on shows, promoting said book. This makes me a little sad though, because what I hear is someone who is trying to be all things to all people, I hear the angst, the guilt, the lack of support or understanding of the impact of giving formula or not breastfeeding. This is not about celebrity bashing/ mother bashing this about having open honest discussions about infant feeding and how to match the demands of our lives with the importance of continuing to nurture and feed your developing baby after birth and for the rest for their lives. What is needed is a real understanding of why the decisions a mother makes in those first days and weeks are so important, for the future of their baby.

If only they understood how it all really works, if only they could be supported to fit breastfeeding into their careers, if only employers of these successful women could work to tailor her needs with their needs. I get it we need to work, we have built our careers, studied hard or if you were like me in the mid 90’s, we just need to make ends meet and keep a roof over our head. Women try or so often say “I going to have to give up breastfeeding I just cant fit it all in” “I cant work it around my job” “I’ve done my best” “I need to stop for my sanity”.

The Breastfeeding Hub Ltd. will offer various packages to support women, partners, grandparents, families and businesses to support babies to receive breastmilk for as long as the mother wishes, to support the mother to understand the mechanics, the Ups the Downs and how to achieve her breastfeeding goals and to try and turn the thoughts and conversations to the future of the baby, what bringingup baby is really about in terms of how they are fed and nurtured. This will include a frank discussion around what formula is and what it does. Then the decisions to wean from breastfeeding will be fully informed with the health of mother and baby at the heart. I hope this will address the guilt factor, along with a package of counselling sessions to unpick and redress previous Infant Feeding issues. There are many, many mothers out there (aprox 90% of those who started to breastfeeding) who gave up breastfeeding before they wanted to and having to carry around this guilt along with all the other pressures on the mothers of the 21st century. We cannot be all things to all people, so we seek ways to do our best. I hope to offer support for mothers generically in a group session but also one to one opportunities to develop a plan to achieve the balance the individual family need. The idea is to redress the balance and motivate those who weaned their baby from the breast earlier than they truly wanted to, to come to terms with their decision and start to get some positive headlines out there and change the societal norm of feeding a baby – Checkout http://www.human-milk.com/ they developed wonderful advert Human Milk for Tiny Humans – follow the campaign and see the properties of the milk our babies are meant to drink and lets get adverts like this on our TVs.

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