For those working mothers among you who will need guidance through the turmoil of emotions, planning, expressing breastmilk and so much more when all you may want to do is stay home with your gorgeous baby/ies. The aim of the workshop is to help you prepare for your Return to Work, whether you are exclusively breastfeeding, partially or looking to cease we will help. Topics; Your Rights, Flexible Working, Workplace Prep, Expressing, Pumping, Childcare, Separation Anxiety and Relaxation. You will receive a workbook that you can complete during the workshop and you will be equipped to build your own back to work transition plan. At the end we do a relaxation and you will receive a download of the script, so you can use it at home, for those times when you get home and you need a few minutes downtime or reconnection with your baby and/or child/ren.

Back to Life, Back to Reality Workshop – 2 hr £45


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