This is a technique using deep relaxation and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to unpick any trauma you may feel you are experiencing, particularly around conception, pregnancy, birth or infant feeding, that you or your partner may have experienced. You may have been traumatized by the birth and been unable to reach your breastfeeding goals.  There may have been other reasons you

did not breastfeed but wished you had and this has caused you to become traumatised, anxious, resentful, angry, depressed. As a certified practitioner I will take you through the 3 Step Rewind Process to help you retrain your brain to deal with the trauma and enable you to visualise how you would like your future self to react to the memories of what has happened, as a certified practitioner. This package consists of 3 sessions, all about 1 hour, however this may vary. I will visit your home or you can come to my Monday Clinic. (An extra charge of £1 per mile will be charged if you live further than 30 miles from MK13).

Three Step Rewind Process Support Package – 3 sessions over 3 weeks £180


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